bear with
Be patient
bear up
Resist pressure
bear down
Used other than as an idiom: see bear,‎ down.
To approach from windward.
To push (someone) to the ground; to defeat, overcome. [from 14th c.]
To maintain one's position against (someone) in a debate; to stand one's ground against. [16th-17th c.]
To intensify one's efforts.
To approach in a determined manner.
To exert downward pressure on one's abdomen, as in giving birth, forcing out feces, and some similar bodily maneuvers.
bear up under
Cope with something difficult or stressful
bear on
Influence, affect
bear down on
Move towards
bear out
Confirm that something is correct
bear in with
To approach (a ship) nearer.
bear off from
To stand further off from (a ship)