fall off
fall behind
Make less progress
fall for
Be attracted to somebody, fall in love
Believe a lie or a piece of deception
fall over
Fall on the ground
fall out
Argue and be on bad terms with someone
Lose hair
fall apart
Break into pieces
Become emotionally disturbed and unable to behave normally
fall through
Be unsuccessful
fall into
Start doing something unplanned
fall down
Fall on the ground
Have a weak point
fall under
Become controlled
fall back on
Be able to use in an emergency
fall about
Laugh a lot
fall back
fall in
fall away
To cease to support a person or cause.
To get worse.
To diminish in size or weight.
To diminish in intensity.
To perish; to vanish; to be lost.
fall upon
To fall on; to experience; to suffer.
fall in with
To join (a group of people).
To meet with (something).
To accept (a set of generally agreed rules, or a suggestion).
fall on
To experience; to suffer; to fall upon.
fall together
To close (of the eyes).
To contract.