give up
Stop doing something that has been a habit
Stop being friendly, end relationships
Stop doing something
Surrender, stop trying
Sacrifice or dedicate time, etc, to something
Allow someone to sit in your chair, take your place, etc
Allow or give away a run while pitching (baseball)
give in
Stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy
Submit homework, etc.
Surrender, accept defeat
Offer or submit for judgement, approval
give out
Stop working, through age or overuse
Have no more of a supply
Make public
End or finish somewhere
Make a sound or noise
Read the wordings of a hymn or psalm aloud for congregational singing
give over
Stop doing something bad or annoying
Entrust, pass on responsibility
Stop an activity
In its imperative form: An expression of disbelief
give back
Return something you've borrowed
Return something that someone has lost
give over to
Dedicate, devote
Transfer responsibility
give up to
Denounce, report to authorities
give it up for
give yourself up to
Dedicate time, energy, etc, to something
give way to
Yield, surrender, retreat
Relinquish position or ascendancy
Be replaced by something better, cheaper, more modern, etc
Allow a vehicle to pass in front
Surrender to strong emotions
give in to
Agree to something you don't like
Allow a feeling or desire to control you
give of
Contribute without expecting anything in return, usually time or money
give off
Emit pollution or something else unpleasant
Behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way
Follow or take one of 2 or more branches (instructions, in machine code) in writing a computer program (using system software for a programming language)
give it up to
give onto
Open into a place, for a door or window
give yourself up
Surrender to the police or authorities
give way
Stop to allow vehicles to pass
Collapse, break
give up on
Lose faith in or stop believing in something or someone
Stop feeling hope
give it to
Criticise harshly or punish someone for something
give away
Entrust your daughter to her husband through the marriage ceremony
Tell a secret, often unintentionally
Distribute something for free
Give without asking for or expecting payment
Give an advantage to your opponent in a sport by making a mistake, playing badly, etc
Give an unwanted baby to people to bring up
Betray, report to authorities
Give a weight advantage to an opponent in boxing
give forth
To emit or release something.
To give off an emanation.
give about
to distribute or circulate something
to spread a rumour
to encompass or surround something
give against
to attack or assault someone or something
to impinge against something
give by
to stand aside
give into
to give in to.