hold up
Delay when travelling
Rob with violence or threats thereof
hold back
Not show emotion
Prevent something moving forwards or progressing
Not disclose information or make it public
hold forth
State your opinions about something, especially when talking for a long time and boringly
hold on
To hold tightly
hold off
When bad weather doesn't appear
Stop someone from attacking or beating you
hold down
Keep a job
Stop someone or something from moving
hold over
To continue something for longer than planned
hold out
Hold in front of you
hold back from
Not allow yourself to do something
hold on to
Hold tightly
hold with
Accept (usually negative)
hold together
Not break up
hold out for
Wait for something better or refuse something now for something better in the future
hold against
Have a grudge against someone, or little respect
hold onto
Keep as long as possible
Hold tightly
hold out against
Try to reject
hold out on
Not pay someone or give them information
hold cheap
to have a low esteem for someone, to look down upon someone, to hold someone in contempt