make it up to
Try to compensate for doing something wrong
make out
Make a cheque payable to somebody
Kiss and pet
Discern a small detail
Be able to see or hear something
Understand someone's nature or personality
make up
Stop being angry with someone
Put on cosmetics
Invent a story
make up to
Increase a sum received to a higher figure
make for
Head in a certain direction
Produce a result or situation
make over
Change appearance
Give money or possessions to someone in a legal way
make way
To make progress.
To progress through the water [1].
To give place or step aside.
make it
Arrive or get a result
make up for
make off with
make do with
Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative
make towards
Head in the direction
make of
Understand or have an opinion
make with
Give (usually used as an imperative)
make off
Leave somewhere in a hurry
make into
Change something into something else
make away with
make after
make to
To close or shut.