roll up
To appear in large numbers for an event
In its imperative form: An imperative used to attract people to a public event
roll over
To make a rolling motion or turn.
To cause a rolling motion or turn.
To give in to.
To reinvest funds from a maturing financial security in the same or similar investment.
To move the cursor over.
To increment, especially back to an initial value.
roll around
to move about on the ground while rotating and turning one's body
to be considered, without much coherence, in someone's mind
To indulge in sexual intercourse (with)
to happen, occur, take place
roll out
Launch or introduce a new product, initiative, etc.
roll in
Arrive somewhere, especially if late
Arrive in large numbers, for military vehicles
roll on
When something continues to happen
In its imperative form: Said when you can't wait for something nice in the future
roll back
Reduce or remove
roll by
Pass (time)