turn on
Cause someone to feel attraction or pleasure
Start a machine
turn off
Stop a machine
turn down
Reduce volume, temperature, etc.
Reject an offer, invitation, etc.
Fold the top covers of a bed down to make it ready for someone to go to sleep
turn to
Try to get help
Take up a habit
turn around
Alternative spelling of turnaround
turn into
turn out
Produce an unexpected result
Stop a light
turn up
Increase volume, temperature, etc.
turn in
Go to bed
Hand in, submit
turn back
To reverse direction and retrace one's steps.
To return to a previous state of being.
To prevent or refuse to allow passage or progress.
transitive}} To adjust to a previous setting.
To fold something back; to fold down.
To give back; to return.
turn against
Stop liking and start disliking
turn over
Give to the authorities
turn away
Not allow someone to enter a place