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How learning English with fleex works

Your favorite videos

Fleex works with your Netflix videos, movies and TV shows downloaded on your computer, as well as a selection of webseries and fascinating conferences.

Intelligent subtitling

Subtitles are shown on demand, in English and/or in your language based on your settings. Easily navigate within the dialogues, and hear them pronounced slowly for better comprehension.

Personal vocabulary lists

Click any word to display its translations as well as related expressions. Automatically build up your personal vocabulary list, at the video level or globally.

Fleex in action: using fleex effectively to reach proficiency in English speaking

The content you like
Select the videos with which you'd like to learn, based on their theme and content.
Enrich your vocabulary
Click any word to see its translation. Create vocabulary lists to capture the words you learned, in their context.
Discover new idioms
Fleex highlights expressions it detects in your videos.
Translations when you need them
Pause the video and show bilingual subtitles with a simple mouse gesture, or with your keyboard.

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Since I've started watching "Suits" with fleex, my business vocabulary has tripled in size!
Sara, 42
Thank you, fleex - thanks to you, I passed my TOEIC with a 905 / 990 score!
Peter, 22
I went back to English after I retired. With fleex, my English is living a new life!
Sylvia, 63
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After completing my 1st year with fleex, I made a survey with my students: 95% of them recommended the solution…
Véronique Charriau, professor at Université de Nantes

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