Superman made his animated debut in this series of nine classic Technicolor short films produced in the 1940s.
# Title Description
Superman (aka The Mad Scientist)
After The Daily Planet receives a letter from a mad scientist threatening to wreak destruction with his "Electrothanasia Ray", Lois Lane heads out in the hopes of getting more information for a news story. The scientist captures her and then makes good on his threats, leading Superman to intervene to save the city and rescue Lois.
The Mechanical Monsters
While a mechanical robot is robbing an exhibit of precious gems and jewelry, Lois Lane sneaks into the robot's storage bin and is taken back to the hideout of the inventor, who in turn quickly captures her. When Superman arrives to rescue Lois, the inventor sets his small army of robots loose in an effort to stop him.
Billion Dollar Limited
Lois Lane is aboard a train that is carrying a shipment of gold to the Mint, when masked bandits hijack the train in an attempt to steal the gold. When an alert reaches the Daily Planet that the train is out of control, Clark Kent sneaks off to head out as Superman to save Lois and the train.
The Arctic Giant
Lois Lane is covering an exhibit at a museum featuring a giant monster found frozen but preserved in ice by an expedition in the Arctic. When the refrigeration system keeping the monster frozen fails, the ice thaws and the monster wakens. When Clark Kent learns that the monster is running amuck in the city, he heads out as Superman to rescue Lois and stop the monster.
The Bulleteers
After destroying police headquarters with their flying "bullet car", the saboteurs demand the city turn over its treasury funds to avoid further acts of sabotage. When the city refuses to cede to their demands, Superman is forced to intervene as the "bulleteers" renew their attacks and take Lois Lane hostage.
The Magnetic Telescope
When a professor's experiments with his "magnetic telescope" endangers the city by pulling in a flaming comet from space, the mayor orders a stop to the experiments. Believing in the importance of his research and confident he can exert greater control of his device, he ignores the order and proceeds with plans to pull a larger comet in for a closer look. When the city police disable the telescope, the incoming comet descends out of control, forcing Superman to intervene to save the city from certain destruction.
Electric Earthquake
Believing that Manhattan rightfully belongs to his people, a scientist of native American heritage insists that the Daily Planet publish "the truth" in a story and have the island vacated. When Perry White balks at his demands and calls them ridiculous, the scientist storms out in anger. Lois Lane follows him but is discovered and held captive in his underwater laboratory. The scientist then uses his equipment to unleash an earthquake on Manhattan Island using electricity, forcing Superman to seek out the source of the havoc and rescue Lois.
Lois Lane and Clark Kent arrive on Monokoa to report on efforts being taken to divert the flow of lava away from a city at the base of a previously-dormant volcano that is expected to erupt soon. When the volcano does erupt, falling debris damages the blasting equipment and endangers the workers and Lois Lane, forcing Superman to come to the rescue.
Terror on the Midway
Lois Lane and Clark Kent are at a circus covering the events underway when one of the star attractions, a giant gorilla, is accidentally set loose. The gorilla goes on a rampage and chases after Lois, and in the process sets loose yet more circus animals. With the situation out of control and lives at stake, Clark is forced to step in as Superman.