sit through
Stay till the end of something dull
sit in
Occupy a building to protest about something
sit out
Not take part
sit on
Be on a committee
To handle somebody firmly who behaves impertinently, conceitedly
Hold information back or keep it secret
sit back
Wait for something to happen without making any effort
Relax in a chair
sit in for
Take on someone's responsibilities while they are absent
sit down
Help someone to sit
sit for
Pose for an artist or photographer
Look after children while their parents are out
sit about
Sit and do nothing, especially when you should be working
sit by
Not try to stop something
sit with
Reconcile different positions
sit around
Sit idly, doing nothing
sit in on
Attend as an observer
sit over
Eat or drink slowly
sit up
Alternative spelling of sit-up; Alternative spelling of situp