be on
Be functioning (of machines)
Take place
Take medication or drugs, especially when they affect the person badly
Be at the top of one�s game, performing very well
be in for
To be able to expect or anticipate; to be about to suffer, generally said of something unpleasant.
To be incarcerated for.
be on to
To figure out; to realize the truth.
be on about
Mean, try to say
be taken aback
Be shocked or surprised
be out
Be absent from a place
be up
Be out of bed
Have increased or risen
When the time for something finishes or expires
be not on
Be unacceptable
be fed up
Be bored, upset or sick of something
be cut up
Be upset
be down with
Be ill
be down
Be depressed
Be reduced or less
be out of
Have no more left
be after
Try to find or get
be along
be snowed under
Have too much work
be away
Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc.
be onto
Pursue, be aware of someone's true nature
be down on
Have negative feelings toward someone
be cut out for
Be suitable, have the necessary qualities
be off
Be bad (of food)
Depart, leave
be up for
Be enthusiastic about an upcoming event
be up to
Be good enough
Doing something naughty or wrong
be in
Be at home or at work
Be submitted, arrive
be out to
be in on
Be involved in
be taken with
Like something
be there for
To be available to provide comfort and support for someone, especially in a period of difficulty.