set off
Explode a bomb
Ring an alarm
Start a journey
Counterbalance a debt
Provide a visual contrast that looks good
Cause, trigger events
set out
Display, show
Start a journey
Arrange, organise
set up
Prepare equipment, software, etc., for use
Start a company
Provide someone with the money needed to live
Trick, deceive
set aside
Overturn a court verdict or decision
set apart
Distinguish, be better than or different from others
set down
To write.
To fix; to establish; to ordain.
To place, especially on the ground or a surface; to cease carrying.
To humiliate.
set back
set forth
State or outline an opinion
Start a journey
set in
Change season noticeably
set upon
set about
Start doing something
set on
set to
Work hard or enthusiastically