bring forward
Make something happen earlier than originally planned
bring up
Be officially charged with a crime
bring about
Make something happen
bring round
Make someone wake up from unconsciousness or an anaesthetic
bring on
Cause something to happen or speed up the process
Make something appear
bring around
Persuade or convince someone
Bring something with you when you visit
Get someone talking about something
bring forth
Produce something, make it known or visible
Make something happen
Remove something from where it is kept or hidden
bring off
Succeed with something difficult
bring out in
Cause a health problem or reaction
bring along
Bring someone or something to certain place
Help someone improve
bring in
bring down
Make a government fall
Make something cheaper
bring out
Release or publish
Elicit a response
bring back
Cause someone to remember
bring upon
To (either knowingly or unwittingly) cause to befall.