get off
Escape punishment
Leave a bus, train, etc.
Finish, leave work
Start a journey
Help a baby or child sleep
Orgasm, have sex
Manage to fire a gun
Stop talking on the phone
Write or send letters, messages, etc
Say or write something funny
In its imperative form: Don't touch, leave alone
get down
Make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.
Write, record
Manage to swallow
Descend, leave a vehicle
Leave the table after eating
Have an affair or sexual relations
get together
Meet socially
get along with
Have a good relationship with someone
Deal with, handle
get around
Become known
Visit many different places
Walk or go to places
Avoid a problem
Persuade, convince
Have personal or sexual relationships with many people
Persuade someone
get back
Return something
Move away
get in
Arrange for someone to do a job in your home, workplace, etc
Arrive (train, plane, etc.)
Arrive home
Enter a car or taxi
Buy or obtain supplies, like food
Arrive at work, school, home
Enter a building or place
Be elected
Manage to say or do
Be admitted to a university, club, etc
Bring inside a place
Submit, apply
Pay for drinks
get out of
Avoid doing something you dislike
Leave a car, van, etc.
Stop a regular activity or habit
Make someone confess or tell the truth
Make someone give something to you
Derive pleasure or benefit from something
Help someone avoid doing something
get on
Continue doing something
Enter a bus, train, plane, etc.
Make progress, deal with something with a reasonable degree of success
Have a good relationship
Become old, age
Be late or near an arranged time
Wear, fit
get rid of
to dispose (of); to remove; to abolish; to lose
get up
Get out of bed
get into
Become involved or interested
Become involved in something bad or criminal
Be accepted or admitted
Become or be accepted as a member
Start a habit or way of acting or behaving
Be small enough to wear something
get on with
Have a good relationship
Continue or start doing something
get over
Recover from something, feel better
Solve, find a solution
Communicate, make people understand
Be shocked or surprised that something if real or true
Get to the other side
Come somewhere
get away with
Not get caught, criticised or punished for doing something wrong
Achieve something, despite not doing it correctly or properly
get out
Leave the house to visit place and socialise
Become known when people want it to remain secret
Leave a place, escape
Remove something from where it is stored to use it
Remove dirt or something unwanted
Publish, make available for the public to see or buy
Say what you want when it is difficult
In its imperative form: Expression of disbelief
get it
Be punished or scolded
get away
Go on holiday or for a short break
Move, leave somewhere
In its imperative form: An expression of disbelief
get off with
Have casual sex with
get out of here
Used other than as an idiom. To leave or exit a place.
get back at
Take revenge
get by
Have just enough money to live on
Not be noticed (problems, errors, etc)
get it up
Become aroused (of a man)
get it on
Become interested or excited
Have sex
get to
Annoy, irritate
Start discussing a topic
Have the opportunity to do something
get along
Have a good relationship
get through to
Make someone understand
Contact, especially by phone
Reach a stage in a competition
get down on
get by on
Manage on a certain amount of money
get round
Become known
Find a solution
Persuade someone
get ahead of
Move in front of
get it off
Have sex
get away from
Go somewhere different or do something different
Start to talk about something that is not relevant to the discussion
get up to
Do something wrong or naughty
get it off with
Have sex with
get it on with
Have sex with
get off it
A way of expressing disbelief, or telling someone that they're wrong or have an incorrect opinion
get back into
Start doing something after stopping for some time
Find a new enthusiasm for something
get above
Behave as if you are better or more important than others
get ahead
get over with
Do something unpleasant that has to be done rather than delaying it any more
get behind
get through
Succeed in an exam or test
Help someone or something succeed or pass a test or exam
Endure or deal with a difficult experience
Be accepted or passed (laws, proposals, etc)
Manage to pass
get down to
Start working seriously
Enjoy something a lot
get around to
Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something
Finally manage to do something
get across to
Be convincing or make a good impression
get by with
Have enough of something to do the job
get in on
Become involved
get it together
Control things in your life to achieve your aims
Begin a relationship
get across
Communicate successfully
Go from one side to the other
Move something from one side to the other
get about
Visit many places
Become known
Walk or visit places
Have personal or sexual relationships with many people
get after
Nag or exhort someone
get at
Be able to reach, find, access
Use threats, payments, bribes, etc, to affect someone's testimony or decision
get behind with
Be late paying instalments for something.
get on to
Start to suspect
get onto
Start discussing a topic
Be elected, appointed
Appear on the radio or TV
Contact someone because you need or want them to do something
Enter a plane, train, etc
get back to
Respond to a contact
Respond when you know the answer
Start doing something again after an interruption
get along in
get off on
Enjoy a drug
Become excited by
get on at
Criticise unfairly
get back together
Restart a relationship
get in with
Become friendly with, ingratiate with
get on for
Be near a time
get round to
Finally manage to do something, make the effort to do something
Finally manage to do something
get down with
To become good friends with somebody, or group of people.
To join in an activity with somebody, or group of people.
get on up
Get up.
To dance with abandon
get open
Of a player in a team sport, to evade defenders and thereby create a gap allowing another player to pass the ball to that player.
get outta
Eye dialect spelling of to get out of.
get over on
To have sex with.
To take advantage of.
get used
Used other than as an idiom: see get,‎ used.
Become accustomed to something, to acclimate, to adjust