play out
Progress, often till it finishes
Pretend that something is real and reduce its effect
Play something to the end
Unwind (e.g., fishing line)
play along
Pretend to agree or accept something in order to keep someone happy or to get more information
play up
Behave badly
play around
Be silly
Be sexually promiscuous or unfaithful
play back
Listen to or watch something you've recorded
play down
Try to make something seem less important
play with
Touch and move something to occupy your hands
Not eat much of a meal
Consider something, but not seriously
play off
Play a game to decide who the winner is
Make people compete against each other so that you benefit
play upon
Exploit a weakness
play at
Pretend to be something
play away
Be sexually unfaithful when away from home
play up to
Flatter someone
Behave in a way expected
play on
Continue playing a sport though there might be a reason to stop
Continue playing music
Exploit a weakness
play in
Of a batsman, to settle and become comfortable with the conditions at the beginning of his innings.
To pass (someone) the ball into an attacking position.