put away
Put something back in the correct place
Put someone in prison
put back
Rearrange something for a later time
put down
Kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc.
Stop holding (but withdraw support gently)
put on
Get fat
Deceive, lie
Start wearing
put out
Disturb or trouble someone
Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.
put through
Connect someone by phone
put up
Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days.
Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.
Show skill or determination in a contest, competition, fight, etc
put in
put off
Stop liking something or somebody
put up with
put in with
To commit to something with; to partner with.
put someone down as
to assume someone has a particular character from very little information.
put down for
Commit to make a payment
put forward
To propose for consideration.
To change the time in a time zone to a later time.
put oneself across
To explain one's ideas and opinions clearly so that another person can understand them and get a picture of your personality.
put down to
Give as an explanation
put in for
Make a request
put towards
Make a financial contribution
put across
Communicate, convey a message
put up to
Encourage someone to do something
put by
Save for the future
put over
Successfully execute (a scam, trick, etc.)
put aside
to save money
to ignore or intentionally forget something, temporarily or permanently, so that more important things can have one's attention.
put about
To change direction.
To circulate (a rumour).
put forth
To give or supply; to make or create (implies trying or striving)
To shoot, bud, or germinate.
To leave a port or haven, as a ship.
put horns on
To cuckold, to be unfaithful to.