throw away
Discard something when no longer needed
throw up
Produce problems, results, ideas, etc
Leave a job or position suddenly
Create clouds of dust or splash water into the air
throw out
Get rid of
Produce heat, fumes
throw in with
To commit to something with; to partner with.
throw off
Remove item of clothing quickly
Get rid of
Produce light or heat
throw in
Join, accompany
Add something to a deal
throw the baby out
To discard, especially inadvertently, something valuable while in the process of removing or rejecting something unwanted.
throw aside
to discard.
throw down
to cause something one is holding to drop, often forcefully.
throw yourself at
Make it clear you are sexually attracted to someone
throw over
End a relationship with someone
Reject, refuse to accept
throw together
Make or arrange quickly
throw yourself into
Do something enthusiastically or energetically
throw on
Put clothes on quickly