walk over
Used other than as an idiom: to walk over.
To gain an easy victory.
To dominate, treat (someone) as inferior.
walk off with
Win easily
Take something without permission or steal
walk in on
Enter somewhere unexpectedly and see something
walk away from
Leave something you don't like
walk back
Used other than as an idiom: see walk,‎ back.
To withdraw or back-pedal on a statement or promise; retract.
walk through
Explain or demonstrate something carefully to someone
walk up
Go to someone
walk into
Get work without effort
Be unaware of the presence of something and either enter it (a trap) or bump into it (an obstruction)
walk off
Go for a walk to reduce the effects of an illness or bad feeling
walk out on
Leave somebody angrily
walk out
Leave work because of a dispute with the management
Leave a place angrily or because you are not satisfied
walk away with
Win easily
walk back from
Retract a statement
walk on
Continue walking
walk around
To walk with no real planned destination, but to just walk, to meander "around".